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The Use and Abuse of Personal Data by the PAP Government

How does the PAP government view the privacy of Singaporeans’ personal data? Do they protect it? Or do they use it to their advantage as means to increase surveillance within the nation? A look into how Singapore’s PAP government views privacy, how it has been interpreted into its laws, and how this trickles down to…


The Power of Quasa

Producer and Presenter Thum Ping Tjin PJ Thum talks to Irie and Muhammad, two founders of Quasa, a peer support and community network for queer Muslims in Singapore. They talk about Quasa, what it does, why it’s needed, and what they want to achieve. They also discuss the lives of queer Muslims, what they want,…

Dr Chee Soon Juan’s “Orange & Teal”

PJ Thum talks to Dr Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party, about his restaurant Orange & Teal, why he started it, how the first year has gone, and what he hopes to achieve. They also talk the changing perceptions and role of the SDP in Singapore politics.

In Need of Cleaning

The promise of high wages draws Indonesian migrant workers to Singapore. However, exploitative practices by agents such as deducting monthly salaries and charging illegal fees make life difficult for the migrant workers and their families back home.


Khmer Krom Monks Cross Borders to Learn Their History

Frustrated by Vietnam’s suppression of their language, history and faith, Khmer Krom monks are forced to migrate to Cambodia to pursue an unrestricted education. Some who return face hostile authorities who fear monks will stir up deep-seated ethnic divisions.

Displaced by War, Papuan Refugees Face Lingering Dangers

Some 60,000 people have been displaced by fighting between Papuan separatists and the Indonesian military in Nduga Regency. One group of refugees are stranded far from home, without jobs, schools, quality healthcare or any sign of the conflict’s end.


Ripple Effect

My mother became a refugee in her own country during the Indonesian War of Independence. The experience reverberated through the rest of her life.




The Women Tree Planters of Sukau

Since 2008, women from Sabah’s Sukau Village have planted trees to connect forest fragments and preserve the area’s biodiversity. COVID-19 stopped their work for months, resulting in the deaths of many newly planted trees. Now, they have returned to the forest.


Singapore’s Migration Laws Trap Women With Abusers

For foreign spouses trying to escape domestic abuse or their marriage altogether, Singapore’s migration laws and exclusion of foreigners from some social services leave them reliant on their abuser and vulnerable to homelessness and separation from their children.