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New Naratif is democratising democracy in Southeast Asia. Our vision is to foster an inclusive Southeast Asia community where all peoples are fully engaging and participating in building democracy. We build capacity for this through our three-step process: engage, educate, and empower Southeast Asians.

Stay up to date with New Naratif’s latest stories and upcoming events with our weekly newsletter.

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Election 101: Malaysia GE15

With the dissolution of Parliament on 10 October 2022, Malaysians are set to hit the polls on 19 November for their 15th General Election (GE15). 

Democracy is not limited to accessing the ballot box and casting a vote. For that reason, New Naratif is committed to bringing our Malaysian community the information they need to make informed decisions in the upcoming general election. 

The Media Freedom
in Southeast Asia Project

The Media Freedom in Southeast Asia Project seeks to understand the challenges that media workers in Southeast Asia face and how they navigate them. This project aims to interrogate the voices of media workers in the region in its methods.

The Citizens’ Agenda 2022

The results are in for The Citizens’ Agenda 2022! Malaysians and Singaporeans have voted on the most pressing issues facing their country, with interesting insights all round. Read about the results, and discover how you can be part of a space to voice your concerns and increase political engagement.

/ba∙ca/ with New Naratif

A reading group series that invites members to come together to discuss selected stories published by New Naratif. It is a space for our community to have safe and constructive conversations about complex issues.

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In Need of Cleaning

The promise of high wages draws Indonesian migrant workers to Singapore. However, exploitative practices by agents such as deducting monthly salaries and charging illegal fees make life difficult for the migrant workers and their families back home.


The 22 Most Important Issues Facing Malaysia in 2022

In Stage 1 of The Citizens’ Agenda 2022, New Naratif asked Malaysians what they think are the most important issues facing Malaysia, and what they’d like political candidates to talk about in the next general election. Here’s what our readers said (and didn’t say).

See all features in other languages:
Bahasa Indonesia | Bahasa Melayu | 中文 | ဗမာစာ | Tiếng Việt


See all comics in other languages:
Bahasa Indonesia | Bahasa Melayu | 中文 | ဗမာစာ | Tiếng Việt


[Re:] #302: Happy Birthday! (6)

In post-revolution and post-climate crisis Southeast Asia, Samudra routinely makes voice recordings for their father on their birthday. Now, Samudra talks about their longing for their father, giving him updates on their beloved home at Number Three Kolepang Street.

ID Card

No longer wearing a hijab, Dina wants to change her picture on her ID card. Worries occupy her head when she has to face the state apparatuses, who have long been thought to be cold and judgemental.


Raising a toddler, pursuing a career of scientific innovation, and being active in social communities seem like a series of impossible demands for one woman. But in Inez’s work, all of these roles weave into each other seamlessly as we visit a food-sovereign community with no gender discrimination.

Setelah Tanda Tanya

After her first heartbreak, K wonders if it was still possible for queer people to find and share love in this country.

Writing the Future Through Queer Intimacy

Amid the search for a faraway and foreign future, the character “I” in Himas Nur’s story realizes that they have been living and breathing the warmth of their future thus far—the future through the embrace of their friends.

Faraway Dream

An old, retired domestic worker and her husband watches the graduation ceremony of their daughter with pride. In this parallel reality, domestic workers have the same rights, opportunities, and welfare as the rest of us.


Under a big orange tree, two little girls talk about oranges and how the indigenous people will get their land back. Do you want an orange from their three? I mean, tree?




The Women Tree Planters of Sukau

Since 2008, women from Sabah’s Sukau Village have planted trees to connect forest fragments and preserve the area’s biodiversity. COVID-19 stopped their work for months, resulting in the deaths of many newly planted trees. Now, they have returned to the forest.

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