Communist Democracy in the Philippines

Jacob Goldberg speaks to Professor Jose Maria Sison, the founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), which has been waging a revolutionary guerilla war against the Philippine government since 1968.

Rachel and her two children

Mothers Fight Sexism in Malaysia’s Citizenship Law

Malaysia’s constitution allows Malaysian fathers—not mothers—to pass their citizenship to children born abroad. Six mothers successfully challenged this discriminatory policy in court, but must continue to take on a recalcitrant government.



Ripple Effect

My mother became a refugee in her own country during the Indonesian War of Independence. The experience reverberated through the rest of her life.




Women from Sabah’s Sukau Village ride in a boat before working to replant forests in the Kinabatangan River region in late 2021. Chen Yih Wen

The Women Tree Planters of Sukau

Since 2008, women from Sabah’s Sukau Village have planted trees to connect forest fragments and preserve the area’s biodiversity. COVID-19 stopped their work for months, resulting in the deaths of many newly planted trees. Now, they have returned to the forest.


Under-Protected Abroad, Domestic Workers Find Ways to Resist

Southeast Asian domestic labourers often migrate to wealthier countries where they are excluded from labour protections and left vulnerable to abuse. While COVID-19 has made labour conditions worse, some migrant workers have found their own ways to resist.