New Naratif welcomes pitches from freelancers in Southeast Asia, and from the Southeast Asian diaspora, about issues that matter to Southeast Asia and Southeast Asians. All you have to do is fill the form below!

New Naratif publishes written articles, comics and podcasts that:

  • are meaningful and relevant to the people of Southeast Asia;
  • governments and establishment interests discourage from being told or actively suppress;
  • mainstream media cannot or do not want to carry;
  • explain and explore the forces that shape our lives;
  • increase or alter our understanding of the world around us;
  • help us understand why we think and act the way we do;
  • transcend narrow boundaries of race, religion and state, to reflect Southeast Asia as it is lived and experienced by its people.

Please be aware that we do not publish breaking news. We decide on pitches on a weekly basis, but it may take up to 10 working days to respond to your pitch. Once we accept a pitch, it typically takes one to two months before it is published. We have a small editorial team, thus limiting the speed at which we can work, and we also sometimes translate or illustrate articles.

We are currently only able to accept pitches submitted in English and Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia.

Our rates

  • US$250 for a written article (approx. 1,500 words for journalism + US$50 per photo (max. 2 photos per piece)
  • US$200 for a 7-10 minute (edited) audio package
  • US$150 for an audio interview
  • Rates for comics are to be negotiated with the comics editor and finalised at the thumbnailing stage.

Invoices are accepted and paid once a piece has been signed off by the editor-in-chief, regardless of whether the article has already been published. We commit to paying in full and in a timely fashion.

Please also read our Information for Contributors for more on our terms for writers and artists.

Please note: If your pitch has been submitted successfully, you will be redirected to our homepage. If not, please email your pitch to